Programs and Classes


2½-year-old Class

This class is for children who will be two and a half years of age by October 1. The class meets two mornings per week for 2.5 hours each. This program is designed to expose young children to a small group situation in a nurturing, Christian environment. They will learn to work in a group, follow simple directions, sing and do creative projects. Our cooperative approach makes this a warm atmosphere, especially appealing to families with young children.



3-year-old Class


This class is for children who will be three years of age by October 1. Children must be potty trained. This class is designed to provide an atmosphere which will allow your child to interact with his/her peers in a nurturing environment. Adjusting to the various social experiences which result from a mixed group of children will allow your child to develop within themselves and to learn to establish relationships. The class will be involved in group learning, as well as group play. They will be introduced to primary colors, basic shapes and numbers through a hands-on curriculum which will incorporate fine and gross motor skills.



Pre-Kindergarten Class


This class is for children who will be four years of age by October 1. The class is designed to prepare your child socially, academically and emotionally for a positive kindergarten experience, all within a warm and loving Christian atmosphere. Children will be exposed to a total readiness program including shapes, colors, numbers and letters. Fine motor skills will be introduced and reinforced daily as the children create projects relating to the "readiness" curriculum. Our teaching integrates emerging literacy skills across all contetn areas. The children will experience language, science, music, math, history and art in all lessons. They will have the opportunity to interact with their peers in free play and structured activities to further establish their social outreach, confidence and understanding of others.


Stepping Stones Program (Transitional Kindergarten)

Stepping Stones is a unique experience that originated at Little Christians more than 25 years ago. It was developed with the specific purpose of giving children who may be age appropriate for kindergarten the "gift of time" with an additional year for further development and maturation. In addition, the program has been created to include children who will be five years of age between October and December, providing them with a stepped-up pre-kindergarten experience. The children will 'Step Along' together in their readiness skills through the Alpha-Time curriculum, which was developed specifically for this age group. The program's
"Letter People" become friends of the children as they are introduced each week in a new and exciting manner. Once the formation of a letter has been completed, the Letter People return to class with a beginning sound. They bring with them a 'whole language' approach which will be used in review of shapes,
colors and numbers. Reinforcement of fine motor skills occurs daily with creative and challenging hands-on activities.